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On the 23rd June 2017 ANDRA was advised by the representative for the Minister for the Environment and Energy, The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP, that leaded racing fuels will NOT be permitted for sale or use from the 1st July 2019.

ANDRA has been working with homologated fuel suppliers and industry leaders throughout the consultation process along with a number of alternatives put to the departmental representatives.

Some of the alternatives presented were an extension of the phase-out period, a stepped reduction in lead from racing fuels over a 10 year period and also the setting up of a government fund to assist the fuel suppliers with the development of a suitable unleaded racing fuel and competitors to make the necessary changes so that vehicles are able to comply with the Ministers ruling while ensuring the least amount of impact on our industry.

A 2016 report by Marsden Jacob Associates Pty Ltd, Review of the fuel quality standards Act 2000, states under the subheading Specialist Racing Fuels. “The fuels are mainly supplied by small to medium businesses and in small volumes, with the total volume of racing fuel supplied under approvals being only about 0.002% of the total annual commercial supply of petrol in Australia.”

The study that is often sighted in this area is a 2006 study undertaken in the USA at NASCAR events. As our membership would be aware the volumes of fuel used with 40 cars on an oval track racing for 500 miles is considerably different to what happens at a drag strip with only two competitors on track and racing for a quarter of a mile.

ANDRA has requested the department on a number of occasions to attend a drag racing event to conduct a study of the impact of the small volumes of leaded fuels used on air quality at the venue. This offer has never been taken up and we are not aware of any study undertaken internationally on the impact of leaded fuels at a drag racing event.

We are awaiting further communication from the department and will get back to the membership once that is received.

With the support of our members and fuel suppliers, we will continue to lobby the Minister and Department for an extension to the phase-out.

We would ask that members write to The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP explaining the impact this phase-out would have on your racing, the cost to modify vehicles to only use unleaded fuels, and how this increased cost will negatively impact other places you would spend money, for example, travel to interstate events etc.

Contact details:

1. Dr David Swanton, Director, Fuel Quality Standards Section  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2. The Hon Josh Frydenberge MP, Minister for the Environment and Energy
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We would ask that all communication is respectful and that a copy is sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to assist with our direct responses to the department.


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