Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins

Please see the linked letter below from SFI Foundation regarding the new SFI label design for seatbelts.

Driver Restraint Labels - New Dating Method

Following a meeting of the Division Directors (or their alternates) in late May please see the below link for a summary of ANDRA rules changes for 2016.

2016 ANDRA Rule Changes (pdf is hyperlinked for easy navigation)

We are currently working with the printer to get the rulebook published and distributed to members as soon as possible.

As part of this process in the coming weeks an ANDRA exhibition rulebook supplement will be produced. This will include rules for vehicles that do not fit into part of the ANDRA Championship framework.

This will include rules to allow Junior Drag Bike, Front Engine Dragster Nitro category, Extreme Outlaw and Extreme Outlaw Motorcycle categories to have a common ruleset under the ANDRA banner.

Thanks to the input of the ANDRA membership and hard work from the National Rules Committee and Division Directors during this process.

Please see the linked letter below from SFI Foundation, Inc. Technical Manager, Mike Hurst, regarding the recall of driver restraint systems found not to be in compliance with SFI Quality Assurance Specification 16.1 during a routine laboratory audit test.

SFI Ruian Dragon Recall Letter

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