Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins

Please see the linked letter below from SFI Foundation, Inc. Technical Manager, Mike Hurst, regarding the recall of driver restraint systems found not to be in compliance with SFI Quality Assurance Specification 16.1 during a routine laboratory audit test.

SFI Ruian Dragon Recall Letter

ETS Racing Fuels have homologated their Xprodrag2 fuel blend. Xprodrag2 is a specialist unleaded race fuel developed with drag racing in mind.

The fuel has been added to the ANDRA Approved Fuels List and is available for use at all ANDRA sanctioned events from 1 March 2016.

For further information please see or contact ANDRA Technical Officer Colin Brassington on 08 8271 5355 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

As per page 245 of the 2015/16 ANDRA Rulebook, use of a Frontal Head Restraint is MANDATORY from July 1, 2015 for drivers of all cars quicker than 7.99 (1/4 mile or equivalent).

Please see below for an excerpt from the Rulebook:

Any driver of a car running quicker than 7.99 (1/4 mile or equivalent) requires the use of a proprietary Frontal Head Restraint system meeting either SFI 38.1 or FIA 8858-2002 or FIA 8858-2010. The Frontal Head Restraint, when connected, must conform to the manufacturer’s instructions. A Frontal Head Restraint may be used with or without or in place of a neck collar. Where required, the fitment of tether post and eyelets to helmets must only be done in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines and only if the helmet is approved for the purpose. When using a Frontal Head Restraint, at all times that the driver is in the race vehicle, from when the vehicle is in the hands of the Starter until the vehicle is on the return road, the driver must properly utilise the Frontal Head Restraint, including connecting the helmet as required for full functionality of the device.

For all cars quicker than 7.99 (1/4 mile), use of Frontal Head Restraint is RECOMMENDED from January 1, 2015. Use of Frontal Head Restraint is MANDATORY from July 1, 2015 for ALL cars quicker than 7.99 regardless of class or group.

Frontal Head Restriants can be foudn at he following:


Simpson Race Products

(02) 9545 6662


Race Safety Equipment

(02) 9756 6009


Summit Racing Equipment


Rocket Industries

(02) 8825 1900



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